In 2007 I joined Thisisnotashop as director (alongside director/founder Aideen Darcy until 2009 then solo).

Thisisnotashop was an independent not-for-profit arts organization committed to supporting emerging contemporary artists from both Ireland and abroad. From early 2006 through December 2009 Thisisnotashop existed as a small shop front gallery space in Dublin, Ireland, that programmed work across a variety of mediums including visual art installation, performance, video/film, sound, and text. During its time on Benburb Street in Dublin, Thisisnotashop Gallery held over 80 exhibitions/events and, including group shows, had the work of over 175 artists grace our space.

Below is a series of images of Thisisnotashop and some of our exhibitions/performances:

As Director I was in charge of the overall program as well as day to day running of the gallery- all in all the success of the space was due the amazing and dedicated team I worked with and our fantastic community of artists. I also curated a number of our high profile exhibitions for Thisisnotashop (in both Dublin and abroad) each of which is highlighted in individual posts on this blog.

In 2010 Thisisnotashop decided to evolve its organization by letting go of the permanent gallery space to focus on arranging a series of independent exhibitions for its artists and projects in both Ireland and New York City as well as internationally.  This current phase allows us to bring our artists work beyond Benburb Street to interact with both new context and audience.

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